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Jane's Story

I met Jane about 35 years ago. She was my little sister's best friend. I, being the big brother with a car, was asked for rides to the burger joint. I started staying at the burger joint with them just to sit and talk with her; she's a very interesting lady. Soon I was driving up from college on weekends to go out with her. Within a couple years we were married.

She traveled with me around the globe to out of the way places like Ft Sill, OK, and Guam. She always made being our daughter's mother her first priority; still does. Second was taking care of me (and that can be a full-time job in itself). Now that our daughter is grown and on her own, Jane spends most of her free time with artistic pursuits such as mastering the art of watercolors.

Jane in 1998

Jane as she visited her brother's motorcycle shop in 1998.

Jane in 2006

Jane as she mans the helm of s/v Galena in the Bahamas in 2006.

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