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The framing was finally completed and we started sheathing.  As stated earlier, we had decided to use Oriented Strand Board (OSB) on all the walls.  This is along the same lines as my super-bracing of the trusses.  I wanted to have a strong building.   And I knew what would make it strong.  One of the things would be to both nail and glue OSB to the walls all around the building.

08gar top done.jpg (51271 bytes)

So we started sheathing. This entailed me trimming each sheet to the proper dimensions.   Remember what I said about moving the studs to allow for the misplaced anchor bolts?  Well, this is where the error of that decision impacted us.  Each sheet of OSB had to be cut to fit the specific stud alignment at each section.  While this didn't cause much waste, it did cost a lot of time. 




 BillNailing1.jpg (28733 bytes)  



Here's me nailing wall sheathing.





12Nailer.jpg (44719 bytes)   Jane took over the roof.  The plans had called for 1/2" plywood on the roof.  After we had nailed about 5 sheets in place, Jane convinced me that it was just too soft (she has a way of convincing me of things).  Walking on the roof didn't inspire confidence in it's strength.  So, we took down the sheathing we had up there.  While I was at work, Jane rented a truck, loaded the 25 or so 4'x8' sheets of plywood, drove to the lumber yard, traded it all in for 5/8" plywood, and hauled it back to the house.  The next day we started the roof sheathing all over again.  It was a good move.  The heavier plywood made walking around on the roof much more comfortable. 

We found only one truss that had not been put up plumb.  It didn't line up with the edge of the sheet of plywood at all.  Jane decided that we had to take out all the nails from the bracing, re-plumb the truss, and re-brace it.  It took several hours, but it was the right thing to do; and it made Jane happy ("Happy wife, happy life").


13stabled.jpg (18666 bytes)  

This is a picture take the first night the cars were put under cover.  Once I had parked my car inside, I realized that this was really a big, big garage.  Jane's Park Avenue needed to be washed.






14gar felt.jpg (36156 bytes)   


Here's Jane rolling out the roofing felt.  In this picture she's already applied the aluminum fascia and trim.  I've started installing the vinyl siding by nailing up the corner posts.  Jane decided that I was a little too careless to be entrusted with the shingling.  Those puppies had to be put on straight!!  And she was probably right in not letting me anywhere near that job.  So she did the whole roof herself.





Across_yard.jpg (28631 bytes)


This is just a shot from the back corner of my lot.  The Buick is in the 'turn-around' area.  I still have a bit of a back yard.




                    15Trim.jpg (47832 bytes)



Here we're ready to start shingling.  I've put up the primed wood trim around the doors and mounted the service door.





NOTURK.JPG (34834 bytes) One of the final weekends.   We didn't do turkey  this year.  But we did finish the garage.  On the roof are a few cinder blocks that Jane had hauled up there to hold down the plastic that protected the final bit of exposed felt at the peak.








JaneFinishingRoof1.jpg (21752 bytes)


She's about done! Just a few more ridge cap shingles to go.





finished1b.jpg (16423 bytes) 


And there it is.   A simple little building.  A 2 1/2 car garage taking up a good chunk of our back yard.  Since this picture was taken I've run power to it, added door openers, and installed gutters and downspouts. 


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