Class of '67s 35th Reunion - Pictures (Others)

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A few of our friends couldn't make it but sent me a note and/or picture that I thought I'd share here...

first beer in germany thumb.jpg (13716 bytes)

Chris Ackerman:

      Sorry I couldn't make the 35th, but here is a picture of my first beer in Stuttgart where my wife and I went to visit and try to find my roots the last 2 weeks of June....and yes, I am as happy as I look




Chris and Sissy thumb.jpg (10618 bytes)


(Back in June 2002, Sissy visited Chris in San Francisco.)





mug shot front thumb.jpg (6742 bytes)Dennis Hosier:

It looks like everyone had a good time. I've attached some pictures of me and my wife (Sara) and the reason why I'm so red in the pictures. I'll try to make the 40th. I've been in Phoenix for 16 years now and don't miss the snow at all.

D and S Beat 00 thumb.jpg (18754 bytes)






Vicki Proa:

I sure missed the reunion this year.

I married Bob last may and this june he had a massive heart attack. He is doing great, but my mind just wasn't into seeing everyone. I'll be there for the next.

Sure hate to miss a good time.

Joe Ratti:

Hi Bill, thanks for sharing the photos...everyone looks old to me, why is that? Did your wife use the wrong lens?

I'm living near Portland, OR, in the advertising agency biz, married with one child (daughter) who will be heading for Africa shortly on a research project through Oregon State. We've been living out here since '79.

Best regards, Joe