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Courtesy of Terry, here are some pics of the going away party for the Galena, including a thrilling "Guess what this is" photo!


Jane dusts off the ole trumpet and belts out a few tunes. Since Bill plays the drums, and I (Michelle) can kind of play the flute, we're just a few instruments short of a marching band. (My hubby used to play trombone, too, so if we adopt a clarinet player and a tuba player we could put on one heck of a performance. Note I didn't say "good." Neither I nor my husband has played our instruments in YEARS. It would be... interesting.

Sippy cup, sippy cup, wherefore art thou sippy cup?

I think a better question might be - what in the heck is IN the sippy cup? It looks like tomato soup, or V8, which could mean it's a Bloody Mary. Or, it could be a Strawberry Daquiri. Yeah, it's a girly drink, but, hey, look at the earring! Sorry, I could resist. Yeah, yeah, it's a pirate thing.

Do you know why?

Imponderables - this link will give you the scoop, and I would highly recommend the series of Imponderables books - entertaining and educational!

The quick answer is - it was believed to improved eyesight!

Game? We have a game?

You may remember that Jane was the champion of "Butt Darts" last year in George Town, Exumas, so it stands to reason she's eager to defend her title as Gamemistress Extrodinaire.. Sadly, I'm not sure this web page will be up before they sail out into the ocean, giving the rest of you TWO WHOLE WEEKS to get the right answer before she even has a chance to see the picture, let alone be able to get a guess in. So for the rest of you that attended the party... wait, I guess that might be a little unfair to the rest of the people who read this website. Okay, there will be TWO "guess what this is" pictures.

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