Things here are getting a little complicated over on the refit blog site.

Here's an index of the main refit topics with links.

Of course, you can still go directly to the blog site (Live Journal) and use the tags to find stories of interest. Or you can just read the entries in order if you like.

Boat Refit

Boomkin Rebuild is Complete
Boomkin Rebuild
Dodger Coaming: Final Fitting
Dodger Coaming: Glue-Up
Dodger Coaming
Dodger Kit - Frame
Dodger Kit
Leaking Portlights

The Bowsprit is Finished
Bow Pulpit Nav Lights
Bowsprit Reassembly
Bowsprit Ringband
Shaping the new Bowsprit
Bowsprit Glue-up
The bowsprit was rotten.
Galena Without Bowsprit

Genoa track reinstalled.
More hull-deck joint work
Sealed the hull-deck joint
Hull-Deck Joint

Cleaning and Painting
Polyurethaned Interior
Hull Buffing 101
Painting the inside of her hull
LEDs may last forever, but...

Equipment, New
Air Head. A composting alternative to holding tanks

Equipement Rebuilds
Aries Windvane Rebuild
Winches Rebuild II
Winches Rebuild
Electrical Panel Rebuild
New Radio Rack
Modified the HF Radio
Non-recharging rechargeable drill (or newly-corded cordless tool)

One more thing I like about cruising in The Islands
More thoughts on Anchors/Anchoring
Anchoring and a sudden surge in readership
Last Voyage of the Year

“…you boys ain’t right in the head.”
Other Hobbies
My car broke!!!
To Westsail or not to Westsail
Su Doku Automated (who has time to do 'em by hand?)
I used to be a programmer.
Vanity Book Publishing
Returned from tattoo studio...
Politics at the airport
Real ID - Analysis by Bruce Schneier