Miscelaneous Posts

Here you will find photos and narratives describing several of the repair/replacement projects I've accomplished on Galena since I bought her in April 2003.
SEP 2006 - Bowsprit Rebuild - The factory bowsprit had delaminated and had some minor rot
OCT 2006 - Hull-Deck Joint - Sealant and dried and crumbled leaving an unsealed joint
JUN 2007 - Boomkin Rebuild - The boomkin timbers were rotting and splitting
AUG 2007 - Aries Rebuild - The vertical shaft was jammed
SEP 2007 - Radio Rack - I needed a place for my increased rack of electronics
SEP 2007 - Electrical Panel - More and more electronics required a new panel
SEP 2008 - Radar - Another mounting problem with a double-ender
NOV 2008 - Chainplates - Original chainplates cracked at square boltholes
JAN 2011 - Boomkin Rebed - Boomkin bolts were crushing the wood
Apr 2012 - Boomkin Rebuild #2 - Boomkin on starboard side was rotted
Apr 2012 - Dinghy Oars - Plastic oar were cracking
MAR 2013 - Aries Control Lines - Relaced Spectra with new tech line
MAY 2013 - A New Hard Bimini - Mostly a rain catchment system

I ran across an old index of original entries from an old blog on Much of this is a rehash of the above, but some of it is unique and a bit of that may even be entertaining to some.
Old index of Blog Entries

Here you will find photos and narratives of miscelanious missives that were origially posted on Facebook and are reposted here for my 'Facebook-Free' friends.
Oct 2013 - Fiji National Archery Tournament