April 2012
Dinghy Oars

I row my dinghy. I've become quite proficient at rowing my dinghy. Even in high winds and rough harbors I manage quiet well. The oars on my dinghy are therefore very important to me.

The original oars that came with Galena's aluminum Grumman dinghy cracked/split under the constant wetting and drying in the harsh salt and sun that is my chosen environment. I replaced those wooden oars with a set of nice plastic/fiberglass oars (by Caviness) that I thought would last longer.


I was surprised and disappointed when, several weeks ago I saw that my nice oars had split where the paddle slipped inside of the shaft. I did a patch consisting of wrapping the oar shaft with fiberglass.

Yesterday I noticed the same splitting happening at the other end of the shaft where the handles attach.

The wrapped oar

So it was out with the epoxy resin, hardener, and glass tape to do more repairs. While I was at it I also did a bit of work on Harvey (my old Aries wind vane). The servo-rudder had taken a few hits over the years and needed a bit of patchwork, too.

The Aries happened to be lying on deck while I rebuilt Galena's boomkin. That made it easy to do the little patching-up of the servo-rudder.