The Crew of the Good Ship Galena

I am Bill Shaw.

I retired from the Army and then retired from building software. Sailing around in little boats has been my dream ever since I read Hal Roth's book, Two on a Big Ocean, back in 1982. Once I discoved the cruising lifestyle (as depicted in the magazine, "Latitudes & Attitudes,") I was hooked.

I've recently uncovered a bunch of photos from my early years in the military and I've started a 'History of Me' site. You can click here to read more than you ever wanted to know about me.

I am going through some changes in my life right now. Notably my ex-wife, Jane, who accompanied me on my first few voyages decided that this is not for her. So again this year (2009) I'm single-handing Galena on her continuing adventures.


I had been married for thirty-six years and have a daughter, Michelle. Michelle is a Kansas University graduate with a degree in civil engineering. That led to her current job with a municipality just outside of Kansas City. She's married and lives in a suburb of Kansas City. When I am cruising she handles all the mail, pays my bills, and sometimes maintains this web site.

I've lived in many places courtesy of the Army. I've spent several years in each of: Thailand, Philippeans, Vietnam, Oklahoma, Virginia, Washington State, Guam, and Kanasas. Each place left some kind of mark on who I am.

I have gone through quite a few hobbies. This sailing thing may just be the latest. A bigger boat would always be nicer, but Galena is big enough for what I do and small enough for me to handle.